Alice Corset Costume

Step straight out of a fairytale in this awesome Alice Corset Costume!

All the pieces in this costume are separate, so can be mixed with each other as you like, and worn separately.

The pieces in the costume are a fully steel boned overbust corset with blue shot taffeta detachable straps, a detachable shot taffeta waist sash,
a blue shot taffeta bustle skirt, & a white cotton bustle skirt.

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The corset is bright white with vintage blue shoulder straps. These straps can be lengthened, pulled in, worn off the shoulder, or worn as regular straps. They can be altered with the long ribbon ties as you like to give the best fit.
The corset fastens at the front with a solid steel busk and laces up the back.  The bust is very flattering on all bust sizes, and gives oomph to smaller cleavages while supporting and shaping larger busts.
The waist sash is made from the same blue as the straps and can be worn to the front, side, back-basically any way you like!
The overskirt is made from the same blue, and permanently bustled up in fabulous pleats and tucks.  It is full enough to wear a petticoat underneath for real wow factor and looks amazing all puffed out.

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