Beautiful in Blue

Beautiful in Blue for the Belle of the Steampunk Ball!

Ideal for an alternative wedding, Steampunk, festival or theatrical – whatever the theme, this will make the wearer look stunning!

Wear it with a top hat and biker boots for an alternative, contemporary look or with heels and an underskirt for a more romantic princess look.

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It has a steel boned corset top half in blue and black pattern with Steampunk style busk fastenings and chain accessories.
The skirt is a blue satin ruffle skirt with netting, that pays homage to the Victorian era.
It is incredibly flattering to the figure and the corset really cinches in the waist, giving it that waist trainer look. The skirt is full which is even more flattering in combination with the corset. This dress is edgy, raw, alternative but oh so sexy and flattering.

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