Gothic Belle Gown

This spectacular Gothic Belle Gown gives a Gothic twist to Beauty and the Beast!

Such a stunning gown for a very special occasion!

The gown with corset, full skirt, and chiffon drape as well as opera gloves with 2 flowers make up this amazing gown.

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The corset has higher points, and is lined in heavy black matte satin, is interfaced and has steel boning…a dark red two tone faux silk base with heavy black laces over. Small dark red rhinestones are glued around the bodice, and also a few on the overskirt, a few red stars scattered throughout.

The skirt has a large black lace and red ruffle around the bottom, a shorter 2nd black heavy embroidered lace fabric upper skirt. There is a delicate draped dark red chiffon around peeking from the overskirt.

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