Privateer Pirate Costume

Here’s a fabulous complete Privateer Pirate Costume for cosplay or maybe a Steampunk dress-up party!

A ready-made, complete costume is perfect!

This costume has a pinstripe, sweetheart overbust corset, a gray full length bustle skirt, a  full aubergine/plum underskirt and an aubergine/plum ruffle shoulder tie on shrug,

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The corset is a sweetheart over-bust style and laces up the back, with a busk front. It is made from pinstripe fabric and is fully steel boned all around the corset.
The corset is steel boned all around and a standard length to give a totally flat stomach, great shaping over the hips and waist, and is fully supportive on the bust.
The underskirt is a mini Guinevere style and comes to below knee length, and has a drawstring waist which can be adjusted as wanted. The colour of this skirt is an aubergine/plum colour.
The overskirt is a bustle tie style, with a drawstring waist. It’s a full style and made from a grey fabric, very crisp and drapes fabulously into bustles.
The shrug is a full style, made from the same fabric as the underskirt. It ties behind the back with long ribbon ties and can be adjusted as wanted.

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