Red & Black Steampunk Pirate

This elegant 4-piece Red & Black Steampunk Pirate costume will take a Steampunk gal to any event!

Fun and colorful!

The costume consists of a black chenille Victorian corset, a white cotton blouse, a fancy black saloon skirt and a fancy red saloon skirt.

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This is a fully boned Victorian over bust corset. It has three layers of fabric for quality, comfort and style. The outer layer is high-end designer fabric, the inner layer cotton for support and stability, and finally, a heavy duty twill liner for structure. For shape and support, there are 13 pieces of steel boning on each corset.  The chemise conveys elegance and ease with draping angel-wing sleeves, a long sleeve cut to drape down the arm for a feminine look.
The black skirt is such fun and flirty! It is long all the way around, and it can be tucked into the corset to create high-low looks, bustles, and extra ruffles.
Both skirts are in lightweight, shimmery fabric with an elastic waist.

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