Steampunk Retro Costume

This cool Steampunk Retro Costume ticks all the boxes for your next vintage party!

Perfect for Steampunk cosplay!

This Steampunk set consists of a corset (underbust or overbust), long double skirt, bustle skirt and accessories.

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The skirt has a train and possibility of shortening, there are 2 skirts combined with velcro – “lining”. The skirt is made of bright cotton, and “main” skirt made of darker fabric. Each skirt has a frill. This skirts are on semi-cirle pattern.
The bustle skirt is made of 4 layers, two of them are finished with lace. This skirt is fastened with a decorative buckle.
The underbust corset is made of jacquard, made of order (busk, waist-tape, spiral steel boning, flat steel boning).
It’s finished with a Steampunk fascinator with feathers, ribbons and gear wheels.
The set could be with a leather under-bust corset (natural leather, witch decorative buckles and lacing at sides)

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