Steampunk Sailor Costume

This awesome Steampunk Sailor Costume is just what you need to stand out at your next Cosplay event!

Shiny, in red, black & white for a unique look!

The costume consists of a corset, bustle style skirt and jacket.

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A steel-boned overbust corset, with the bust area in ruched white/ ivory silk or satin and a stiffened red silk or satin bow with pink sparkly gem detail, lacy trim, and centre front decorative lacing. It has centre back fastening corset lacing.
The cropped, lined, long-sleeved jacket has puff top sleeves and lace trim detail.
The skirt  is in hitched bustle style  (silk, taffeta or satin) with a petticoat under and lace trim and Steampunk embellishments. There’s a red stiffened bow at back to match the one on the corset.

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