Victorian Purple Damask

This wonderful Victorian Purple Damask dress is a perfect costume for a Steampunk event!

Just add some accessories and you’re ready to go!

This beautiful Victorian/Steampunk dress is made out of a purple and black flocked damask fabric, with a black satin underskirt.

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The bodice is fully lined with black cotton. It buttons up in the front and also laces up in the back up to the collar. The bodice has steel boning in the seams. The over bustle skirt is pleated on the sides and has multiple ties underneath to pull up the bustles. These can all be adjusted to make the bustle the shape you like it. The over skirt closes with 3 buttons on the side. The underskirt/petticoat is made of black satin and tulle underneath to make the skirts full and has an elastic waistband. It is pulled up with elastic on the front, back, and sides to give it more shape to compliment the over skirt.

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