Gothic Corset Dress

Look glamorous in this Gothic Corset Dress with its fiery feather epaulettes!

Be ready for the party in this unique hand-painted corset dress!

The corset is half red and half black and laces up on one side and zips at the other. The corset is attached to the full, layered, draped black skirt.

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At the back, where the zipper unzips and a small gap allows the wearer to step into the dress, there is a bow to tie and hide the gap. The corset is very fitted and hoicks the decolletage up and the waist in to create an hour glass, flattering shape. The full, swagged skirt helps to accentuate the shape further. The skirt is made of folded layers of net and satin and puffs out to create a pleasing silhouette. The sleeves are jewelled with attached turkey rooster hackles which are hand sewn on and can be removed if you prefer. The corset is hand painted with little flowers using fabric paint that has been set. There is a gold material insert inside the lace up decolletage area for modesty purposes!

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